IFIP Networking May 2016

Best Paper Award

Also in 2016, a Best Paper Award will be conferred. Further information will be available soon.

Audience Award

Based on online audience voting, an award will be conferred for the best presentation during the "One-Minute Madness Session" scheduled for May 17, 2016, 11:00am. We are very grateful to the IFIP General Secretary for sponsoring this award. The audience voting will use a dedicated feature of YuCCa, the official IFIP NETWORKING 2016 concference app; for details see here.

Student Travel Grants

Under this programme, only students from an IFIP member country may apply for travel grants. Preference will be given to those who would otherwise not have the resources to attend the conference.

Grants will cover travel and lodging expenses, up to a maximum of 750 € per grant: costs in excess of the grant will not be reimbursed. Please note that the conference registration fee will not be covered by the grant.

Applications for grants will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the TC6 chair and the chairs of the TC6 working groups 6.2, 6.3 and 6.8. Grants will be awarded based on the evaluating committee’s assessment of the applicants’ genuine financial needs, the potential benefit to his/her education, research, and career, and the potential benefit to the conference. The committee may favour those who are (co-)authors of accepted papers to avoid “no shows,” and may decide to make only one award per university.

To apply for a grant, please send the STG Request form jointly a letter to the conference General chair. The student's letter should indicate:

  1. The academic status of the student
  2. Whether the applicant is an author of a paper, and whether the paper is accepted or was submitted to the conference
  3. How s/he would benefit from attending Networking 2016, including which areas in the conference program would impact the student's research
  4. A brief summary of research interests and accomplishments
  5. The applied amount

The supervisor's letter should describe:

  1. The applicant's academic standing in the institution
  2. Discuss why and how the applicant would benefit from attending Networking 2016
  3. Explain why the applicant is in need of the travel grant

The application should be sent to networking2016@lists.univie.ac.at.
Applications are due April 15, 2016.

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